See what Kayra Balkow Decided to do this year

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1. Embrace My Procrastination

I will fully commit to putting off tasks until the last possible moment, because why be efficient when I can have a heart-pounding adrenaline rush at the eleventh hour?

2. Master the Art of Snacking

I will dedicate myself to perfecting the skill of mindlessly munching on snacks, because who needs a healthy diet when you can have a cabinet full of delicious guilty pleasures?

3. Expand My Collection of Unread Books

This year, I will proudly add more untouched books to my bookshelf, because nothing says intellectual quite like a library of unfinished literature.

4. Perfect the Art of Napping

I will become a master of the nap game, perfecting the art of snoozing at inappropriate times and in the most awkward places, because why sleep at night when you can catch some Z's during important meetings?

5. Become a Pro at Losing Track of Time

I will fully embrace my ability to lose track of time, constantly arriving late and enjoying the puzzled looks on people's faces as they wonder where I've disappeared to, because punctuality is overrated anyway.