See what Mickel Decided to do this year

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1. Embrace My Procrastination

Let's face it, I excel at leaving things to the last minute, so why not just fully embrace my procrastination skills this year?

2. Master the Art of Misplacing Items

Instead of wasting time searching for my phone or keys, I'll take it to the next level and become an expert at misplacing things. Who needs organization, anyway?

3. Perfect My Excuse-Making Abilities

No more feeble excuses! This year, I resolve to elevate my excuse-making skills to an art form. From "the dog ate my homework" to "I accidentally deleted that important email," I'll become a master at deflecting responsibility.

4. Learn to Multi-Task Poorly

Instead of multitasking like a pro, I want to challenge myself to multitask poorly. I'll attempt to simultaneously cook, clean, and binge-watch my favorite show, only to realize I burned the food and missed all the important plot points.

5. Become an Expert at Overthinking

Why settle for simple worries when I can take it to the next level? This year, I'll become an overthinking champion. From analyzing every text message to imagining worst-case scenarios in every situation, overthinking will be my new superpower.