See what UsmanAhmad Decided to do this year

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1. Embrace my inner procrastinator

Overthink every decision and delay taking action, because why be productive when I can waste time?

2. Become a master of multitasking

Attempt to juggle so many tasks at once that I end up achieving nothing. It's all about quantity over quality, right?

3. Master the art of overthinking

Spend countless hours analyzing the smallest details of everyday life, because why live in the moment when I can obsessively dissect every situation?

4. Commit to half-hearted commitments

Sign up for numerous activities and never follow through with any of them. Who needs commitment when you can have endless excuses?

5. Develop a highly advanced snooze button technique

Hit the snooze button on my alarm clock so many times that it becomes an Olympic sport. Because starting the day on time is overrated, right?