See what Lark Decided to do this year

Tired of the same old resolutions? Get ready to LOL with our AI-powered New Year Resolution Generator! It's like having your own personal comedy writer for hilarious and unique resolutions you'll actually want to keep. Click now to start laughing!

1. Procrastinate More, Accomplish Less

Embrace the art of delaying everything until the last possible moment, because who needs productivity anyways?

2. Become an Expert at Avoiding the Gym

Spend endless hours researching workout routines and convincing yourself you'll start next week, only to conveniently forget when the time comes.

3. Perfect the Art of Overthinking

Take every minor decision and blow it out of proportion, spending hours analyzing the potential outcomes, as if your life depended on it.

4. Master the Skill of Social Awkwardness

Embrace awkward moments and turn them into daily encounters, just to keep things interesting and ensure people remember you (for all the wrong reasons).

5. Become a Professional Procrastibaker

Combine your love for procrastination and baking by spending hours watching instructional videos, collecting fancy recipes, but never actually turning on the oven. Let the dough rise... while your ambitions fall.